Hop to it this Spring


Craft Beers matched with Spring Dishes

Get creative this Spring and match a Sweat Shop rigger of your choice with seasonal dishes whipped up by you at your place!


Wheat - On tap soon for Spring Brews and Bites!

Excitement is brewing (literally). Rory is crafting a German inspired wheat beer. Traditionally wheat beers have a smooth, full bodied banana-like aroma with a dash of cloves creating a smoky taste… almost like BACON! 

What better to pair this with than a daily dose of banana pancakes, maple syrup, grilled bananas and a healthy side of bacon. Make your banana pancakes using this 3-ingredient recipe!


  • 1 Banana
  • 1 tbsp of coconut flour
  • 1 free range egg
  • Blitz in your blender, heat in a pan till golden and voilà! Serves 1

So how about beer for Breakfast? Hmm we say you’ve probably done it before… so why not?


Rory’s Pilsner has a crisp, clean cut through with a fruity hop that brings a subtle lemon tone. The Pilsner is the perfect brew for spring. Fresh, citrusy and delicious.

Try pairing this Pilsner with a freshly caught pan-fried terakihi, and drizzle with a lemon from your neighbours tree. Side with a salad full of cos, avocado, strawberries, seeds, nuts and balsamic glaze.

Refreshingly delightful. 


Our IPA uses the best hops from New Zealand along with specialty malts from across the world. This is all about flavour, with fruity notes from the hops being balanced out with a lightly toasted caramel that lingers on the palette. This will stand up to the biggest flavours you can serve up on a plate. Spicy foods go really well with hops because the bitterness can help cut through heat.


The BIG FRUITY HOP beer that sits over an understated malt. The hops used give this beer a mixture of citrus and stone fruit aromas. Imagine… You’re in Central Otago. The trees are getting greener, the sun is shining and you’re sipping on a Sweat Shop APA while dabbling in a gouda cheese platter. Bitter hops in our APA cut through the creaminess of the cheese to cleanse the palette between each bite.

Chef’s Charcuterie Platter: Duck Liver Parfait, Semi Dried Tomatoes, Olives, Brewer's Beer Crackers, Hungarian Sausage, Smoked Gouda, Pastrami


Our stout is silky, with smooth roasted chocolate flavours that will get you feeling cosy. As you get half a pint deep you experience the smoothness on another level. Rory our brewer achieved such a silky-smooth brew by adding in magic trio of oatmeal, milk sugars and nitrogen. 

Rory recommends pairing this stout with an equally as delicate cacao treat. Try whipping together a cacao nut butter fudge brownie. Ditch the standard chocolate bar you befriended throughout Winter, and dabble into a finer, purer form of the magic that is cacao. Check out Nadim’s Recipe here. Don’t over indulge, such treats are best enjoyed when the flavours can be savoured and remembered.

In fact, try a nibble of your cacao followed by a sip of Stout and experience the magic together!


It’s time to just drink your beer.