Raised the way nature intended


Raised the way nature intended, our Takapoto Angus cows live an abundant life. Grazing the mineraly boosted grass from the pristine waters of Lake Taupo and roaming the tranquil pastures overlooking the Waikato River, life is mootastic.

In Takapoto country the farmers ensure the cows are brought up in low intensive farming conditions with an emphasis on pastoral diversity and soil health. “Healthy soil equals healthy animals” says Takapoto Farm Manager Sue Coldicutt. Sue’s passion for maintaining a stress free, natural and sustainable environment for her cows is driven by the words, “you are what you eat”. Sue wants to make sure from pasture to plate we can clearly see the difference in marbling, taste and tenderness quality by simply ensuring your cows live a great life.  

Joshua Johnson, Head Chef at Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen, says “Healthy soils and healthy cows equal healthy people and that’s why we choose the use Takapoto Angus, plus the taste is arguably the best in New Zealand. Taking out the Steak of Origin, not once but twice in a row, is a testament to the beef quality. With no use of cattle dogs or electric prods, means our food not only tastes better, but we can feel good knowing this steak is good for us too.”

If you fancy yourself some succulent Takapoto beef after a hard working day, for July only, Sweat Shop Brew Kitchen’s Pink Victorian Burger features a Takapoto beef patty nestled between two beetroot brioche buns. Oh how life is good! 


Pink Victorian Burger